Types of Video Surveillance Systems and Their Noted Features

IP security cameras are mostly available in so many features and technologies. It helps you to record videos in high definition quality and adjust changing light levels throughout day. It further helps in focusing camera in a remote manner. These features are designed to make cameras even more useful and powerful as you get the opportunity to adjust them as per the fit required for flexible surveillance needs.

Physical features and their impacts:

The physical features of video cameras will always impact the ways in which video will be recorded. The iris and the camera sensors are designed to work together for adjusting the changes of light levels for producing that clear video. There are some other specified features as found in video surveillance system Philadelphia and mostly in the software.  It has wide dynamic range, which helps in balancing light in video after it has been recorded. It can further work on video compression, which will help the users to store more such files.

Some of the advanced camera features:

You have multiple choices to work on your camera’s features. Right from the type of image sensor to iris that you want for HD resolution, you have every right to make the choices. There are some technical features, which you need to know before making a purchase. It will help you to end up with the best application, designed for each technology now.

  • HD resolution:

If you are planning to use the camera for identifying people, capture video or reading license plate as evidence to any crime, you want a camera with HD resolution. That’s when these HD cameras come into action. These products are designed to help capture video in clearer and larger format when compared to the other traditional cameras. It helps you to identify what exactly is taking place.

  • HD based analog technology:

It is going to be an affordable alternative to that to IP Cameras. These cameras are designed to combine the powerful form of HD resolution with the present analog CCTC technology. It will help you to record videos for the license plate capture or even the facial recognition without even upgrading system to use IP version of technology.

  • WDR:

Also known as Wide Dynamic Range, WDR is gaining some popularity among masses these days. Are you planning to record in an area with uneven light? If so, then chances are high that one corner seems brighter than the other end. With the help of WDR, the surveillance cameras can easily balance out light in entire video to make actions easier and cleaner to see.


These are few of the many technologies you will come cross in terms of modernized surveillance cameras. If you are planning to choose one for long lasting use, go through the options and then make the right choice.  You can further try going for those cameras, which come with PoE or Power over Ethernet, Camera iris and there are more to be added in the list. Just be sure to check the features before making a choice.

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