How Use of Technology Can Increase Math Learning

The development of technology began two centuries back through the introduction of abacus used in calculation. The present-day technology uses mobile phones, tablets, laptop, computer, projector etc. for learning. As maths requires proper understanding of the subject, these technologies mainly focus on making students understand each and every topic in detail, as most of the technologies focus on learning through visuals.

Let us understand how the use of technology improves the maths learning:

(i) Faster and Easier: Learning through videos help us understand the concepts in a better way, as every detail of the topic can be visible to the viewers. Also, the concepts can be taught in much faster manner. Think of a topic like quadratic equation, it hardly takes two days to complete the topic through videos, where it takes around a week while studying through the traditional method using textbooks.

(ii) Visualization in action: Learning through latest technology helps students to understand the topics in an easy manner. As visuals have a better impact on our mind, concepts can be retained in our mind for a prolonged duration. One can easily figure it through comparing textbooks with a movie, where a movie can be remembered for a longer time.

(iii) Access to Knowledge: Studying through internet provides instant knowledge to the students that are beyond the knowledge of the textbooks. Students can get each and every information through the use of internet which latest technology is dependent upon. This helps in boosting knowledge and understanding in mathematics.

(iv) Build interest in studies: Students find maths and science classes to be boring. Using technology in studies, one can easily develop an interest in learning. Even the boring topics like Area of a trapezium can be taught in an interesting manner.

Thus, technology in classrooms provide the benefit for the growth of students to help them develop an interest in learning maths.

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