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Download TubeMate for PC (Windows 10/8/7/XP) or Mac

Though YouTube known as the best video website that procures the oldest and the latest videos, it still does not let you store the videos permanently. So you have to be online if you want to see your favorite videos on YouTube. Don’t you worry; here we are going to tell you about the tool or application that can be used to download the videos from YouTube without any hassle. We will let you know how to download a free video downloading software.

The app is called TubeMate and it can be downloaded for different operating systems including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and XP as well. You might be checking your pocket for this cool app but the app does not cost even a single penny. TubeMate is such an awesome app that allows us to download favorite seasons, video songs, movies and much more to your PC.

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What is TubeMate?

If you guys have not come across TubeMate application before, you will be astonished to know that the application is available for PC to download the videos from YouTube. There has been significant changes in its feature as it is gradually getting better day by day. No one is allowed to directly download the video from YouTube as there are some copyright issues, therefore TubeMate certainly suits you best. It is not limited to YouTube but can also download the videos from other popular video sites such as Daily motion.

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Features of TubeMate

  • TubeMate has got very cool and user friendly interface that allow you to explore more features in a very simple way.
  • TubeMate not only allows you to download videos from YouTube but also from other video portals as well.
  • Sometimes you find it very difficult to download and install other video downloader but TubeMate is a free tool, which is available for free download without putting efforts. The app breakdowns the video frames while downloading the video then merges all the downloaded frames to create the video.
  • The app lets you browse the videos same as the YouTube and other video portal, so there is no need to copy and paste the links of the videos.
  • The app doesn’t automatically get updated but whenever the update is available it does notify the user about the updates.
  • TubeMate is not a big application that is why it doesn’t require lot of disk space and RAM, therefore it performs very well on low budget smartphones as well.
  • Don’t think about the Google Play Store as the application is not available over there, so the Android users can directly download the app through a link but not from Google Play that is why the app keeps on notifying about the updates as it is not hosted by google and can’t automatically get updated.
  • The app can’t be used on iOS; however, an emulator can be used to download and install the app on a Mac computer or Windows computer.

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Steps to Download TubeMate for PC and Mac

Here, we are going to let you know how to download TubeMate for PC and Mac. Please do follow the following steps for downloading TubeMate.

Step 1: Download the Android Emulator

Android emulator is like a virtual device that allows you to test Android apps without using Android device. So, download the Android emulator on PC or Mac and install it. Now, you will be able to run any android application on your PC/Mac. There are heaps of emulator available online but Andy and BlueStacks are known as the best Android emulator, although these ones are paid emulators.

Step2: Set/Run up the Emulator

You just need to download and install it on your device first. You are supposed to have a login account, so can login into the Emulator. You must have an account if you want to set up the Emulator.

Step 3: Download TubeMate on Mac/PC

You have got many options to look for TubeMate but the best ones are Google it or get it from the official site Save the downloaded file, which goes to the folder called “Downloads” on your PC.

Step 4: Open downloaded APK file in Emulator                                                   

Don’t try to run or double click the downloaded file directly on your PC. You simply need to right click on the downloaded file to open with the Emulator, aftermath the TubeMate app will be installed inside the Emulator.

Step 5: Run the TubeMate in Emulator

Once you are done with the setup, the app should be running fine in the Emulator. Now, you are ready to download your favorite videos form YouTube and other video portals.


TubeMate is undoubtedly one of the best free apps available online, the app is known for its features such as downloading videos from video portals including YouTube and the video format can also be changed by using the app. User friendly interface allows everyone to mingle with the app very easily. You can store the videos in your device and listen to them as many as times you want without using the internet data.

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