Tips to Help Find an Office Space in Atlanta for Rent

Renting an office for your business in Atlanta means that you are considering growing your business. But, choosing any office would not suffice your needs. You need to ensure that your office meets yours and your business needs. Whether you are looking for office space in Midtown Atlanta, Atlanta’s Central Perimeter, or in the industrial area near the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, ensure that you are making the right choice for your business. Seeking the help of professionals to find the perfect office space Atlanta is a good idea, as well. Even then, you must do your research first. Here are some useful tips to help you find an office space in Atlanta that is perfect for your business –

Determine the Amount of Space You Need

The amount of space your business needs to function optimally depends on several key factors. It includes workspace for employees, conference rooms for meetings, break room, mail or file room, kitchen, a waiting area, reception, and other office services that are essential for your business. Having some additional space is critical, as it comes in handy when you are scaling up your business.

Estimate Your Budget

The office space in and around Dallas and Atlanta costs around $17 to $20 per sq. Ft., monthly. The price also depends on the exact geographical location and how close it is to the central business hub or downtown. Knowing your business needs and budget would help you narrow down your choices. It shortens the amount of time it would take to land on the office space that is optimal for your business.

Evaluate Your Employees and Clients needs

The office space you choose should provide employees with sufficient space to do their jobs. The office represents your business and must give out a well-established look to your clients as well. The office space you choose also depends on the nature of your business, and it would be considerate to have facilities for clients and employees who are differently-abled, including dedicated parking. The interior layout of your office space in Atlanta must be sufficient to carry out daily job functions well for employees. You can scale up or down your needs depending on your budget and business needs.

Choose a Convenient Location

Your office should be easily accessible to clients as well as employees. The location of your office plays a pivotal role here. Peachtree Rd and Parkland Drive in Atlanta is highly preferred for businesses to get an office space. For individual professionals and startups, choosing co-working spaces is also an option that has been trending in recent times. The location of your office should be easily accessible not only by car but through public conveyance as well. It gives an added advantage to employees and clients who prefer public transport or don’t own a personal vehicle.

Choosing the right neighborhood for your office is essential as the crime rate in Atlanta is higher than average compared to most other cities in the United States. Many clients or employees might not be comfortable visiting an office located in a neighborhood known to be notorious. Taking the help of online office space finders or professional real estate agents would expedite the process of finding the right office space for your business within your budget.

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