Tips for interviewing the developer and get better results

To hire a candidate is never an easy job but the more challenging is when it comes to hire a developer. As a hiring manger, we are bound to have knowledge about every job role for which the company comes up with an opening. It is never easy to hire a candidate whom we have never met before plus it is more challenging to hire the person who is a developer and whose job role is something that you are not really aware about. But things can be made simple. Wondering how? Well, this article will give you a better viewpoint on making the right hiring.

Tips to interview the developer:

To find a good yet talented ASP.NET developer, you need to understand the profile of such person first. This developer is capable to handle different aspects of creating the application. This includes the best of the features but they are not just limited to security, testing performance to name a few. Generally, the online test is used for hiring the profiles such as Software Developer – ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC Developer, ASP.NET Application Developer, and .NET Developer. The test includes the best questions which further make it easy for the hiring department to screen the person and also interview the candidate at technical background.

The test is not just limited to the programming language. Rather it also includes the details and questions with regards libraries, frameworks such as EntityFramework, ASP.NET, LINQ, and WCF and also the building tools such as Budget and MS Build. This type of interview platform opens maximum possible for the candidate to showcase his style, talent and work pattern. But again this may depend n the business or the team for which you are planning to hire. However, in short, at least the candidate is expected to come up with the brainstorming session with the team members who can eventually create the most valuable questions.

Easy tips for better hiring:

It is important to make the list of all the stakeholders that you have in the company. Create the list of possible interview questions from the opening of the job which is directly associated with internal customers, direct reports, management and collaborators to name few.

Decide on which question needs to be prioritized. It is important to list down all the possible questions that team member and even stakeholder can use it well. This would eventually lead to the right voting of the candidate who can actually create the usable yet short results that in today’s time any organization is expecting.

Customize the questions that would match with the job profile of the candidate. Suppose, if the candidates holds a strong expertise in C# then you must conduct the questions on C# Fizz Buzz Script. This is merely just an example to tell you how you need to target the questions that would eventually target the right candidate whom you want to hire.

There are no hard and fast rules in hiring but make sure every step you take with regards to their hiring, you take time and think over it carefully.

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