Download Tinder for PC (Windows 7/8/10) or Mac

Are you sick of your boring life? Looking for a one night stand or a serious relationship? Want to play the game of love? Find your perfect match right here! Yes that’s true, online dating is no more a hassle. Here you will find complete information about using Tinder on PC.

If you are new to online dating, then let me explain you what Tinder is. Tinder is a dating app where you have the choice to find your suitable soulmate, a friend or a date by looking through their Facebook profiles. Unlike other online dating apps, it is safer and easier to use and requires no registration. Well, we’ll describe that how to downoad Tinder for PC.

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How does Tinder really work ?

Tinder basically uses the information from your Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo or LinkedIn account to build up your profile. Wait, I know what you are thinking! Is it safe? Yes, absolutely. It uses GPS to track your location and your basic details like name, gender, age, profession found on your google, facebook or twitter accounts and use them to build up your tinder account. Not so sure about sharing your personal info on Tinder? Don’t worry! No information about Tinder will be posted on your facebook or linkedIn account. Still not sure? Make a fresh account on Tinder and post your favourite profile pic and other interesting information about yourself. Once this is done, Tinder will find you your suitable matches and then you can like them if you get driven away! If they like you back, then Yippee! It’s your lucky day!! You can now explore more about that person through messages.

How helpful is Tinder?

Well, it’s time that I confront you with some honest opinions. Many of you think that people who use Tinder to find their match are shallow or desperate. I strongly disagree! From my personal experience, I myself used Tinder to find my partner and am in a stable and healthy relationship since 4 years. It’s sometimes difficult to find someone who is compatible to you and with whom your thoughts match in real life. This app is not like a blind date or a waste of time. You get to choose your potential partner after looking at his/her profile picture, hobbies, profession etc. and after interacting with him/her. There are some people out there looking for one night stands. I am not being judgemental here, but there is scope for every kind of person on Tinder.

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How to download Tinder for PC?

Here I’ll give you a point to point description of what needs to be done.

  • Download and installBluestacks for PC, which is like a google play store app. It supports Windows  7, 8, and 10, XP or Mac.
  • Once you are done installing Bluestacks, it might appear on your search bar or Desktop. Right click on it and run as an administrator.
  • Now go on the search engine, type “Tinder”. Select the first search which pops up and install tinder.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and open the app to use on your PC.

How to download Tinder on your mobile phone?

Don’t want to open your PC for using tinder? You can easily install and use tinder on your phone. IPhone users can go to the iTunes Store, log into their ID account and install tinder. Android users can search for Google Play Store on their android mobiles and type “Tinder”. Install the first Tinder app and open it to set up an account using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Windows phone users can also get access to tinder by downloading “6tin” from the Windows Phone Store.

Why is Tinder better than other dating sites?

Okay, now the answer here is quite simple. It’s popular, safer and easy to use. To be more precise, with time we move on to more advanced things in life, like we switched to “Facebook” from “Orkut”. Tinder is currently the most talked about and popular dating site which is even used by “Leonardo DiCaprio”! Do I need to explain myself more?

Hope you found this information useful and have successfully installed Tinder on your PC or mobile phone! Will come up with some more interesting updates soon!

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