5 New Technologies In Gaming

We know that the world of technology is constantly evolving. Within that world, however, the gaming industry tends to evolve just as quickly. Particularly these days, there seem to be new ways to play games emerging every six months or so, to say nothing of newer and more advanced games themselves. Indeed, this industry is progressing so rapidly it can almost be hard to stay on top of things. So, to help with this, we’ve put together a list of some of the best new technologies in gaming.


“Go” VR Devices

Virtual reality has been the biggest thing in gaming for over a year now, in terms of innovation and headlines. Until fairly recently though, it still required a headset paired with a powerful computing device, typically either a PC or an expensive console. Now, however, we’re beginning to see a generation of so-called “Go” headsets that are essentially standalone VR devices. These have been referred to as the first VR headsets everyone can and will enjoy simply because they’re a little more affordable and a little more convenient. It could well be that “Go” VR ultimately helps the general tech of VR reach its potential in the gaming community.


You may have heard of upgraded versions of modern gaming consoles, such as the new Xbox One X. These devices don’t differ in big, noticeable ways from their predecessors, but some of the internal specs are significant. Most notably, the various factors that play into the Xbox One X’s performance allow it to provide a legitimate 4K gaming experience. This essentially means we’ve reached new heights for gaming graphics.

Live Dealer Play

Online casino gaming might be considered a sort of aside to the gaming business in general to many people, but it still accounts for a huge volume of players. Within this sub-genre, players choose sites based on selections of games offered, which incentivizes the sites to try new things. And many have now turned to “live dealer” games. This is a style and tech that effectively blends a live video feed with a real time gaming process, such that anything from roulette to poker can be run by a real, live, human dealer.

Switch Play

This isn’t exactly a term that’s in broad use, but we’re referring, as you may have guessed, to the Nintendo Switch. This latest console from the folks at Nintendo took the innovative steps of making its games playable both via console and mobile devices. You can “switch” between the two options seamlessly, ultimately making for an incredible and unique gaming experience. We don’t know yet how Switch play will affect future consoles, but it still seems likely to spark a trend in gaming.

Augmented Reality Glasses

AR-exclusive glasses haven’t quite arrived yet, but the belief is that they’ll substantially change the gaming business. Apple’s AR glasses are expected to arrive in 2021, and while they hold major implications for tech in general (some believe they could replace iPhones), they may have the biggest effect on how we play mobile games. AR on mobile has so far been interesting but not exactly revolutionary; with glasses, that may well change.

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