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Download Tango for PC (Windows 7/8/10) or Mac

No one amongst us is unaware of the widespread evolution of social networking and how quickly it has enveloped every corner of the globe. Arguably, Tango is one of the best social networking platforms available to us. With almost half a billion beings utilizing its amazing features, it has occupied a top grade among the best messengers in the vault. With its unparalleled reach to everyone’s interest through an interactive GUI, the app has become a part and parcel of many lives.

Be it free messages or free calls, Tango app surpasses every other in its competition. This is useful for prank calling friends or family for some wholesome fun. Not only does it offer the best video calling along with features like animated emojis, filters and groups, it also facilitates us with third party social integration as with Spotify. Imagine all the fun with almost every tool in hand to express our thoughts interactively. That’s Tango for you. It has an inexplicable amount of features but the emphasis has always been the same – Happy Messaging!! Every aspect of this application is a networking fest with plenty of options to explore and enjoy. That’s why Tango is so popular with a huge user database and market value. The recent introduction of a social shopping function, Tango Shop, allowing to make purchases from online giants such as and AliExpress, have only fetched more accolades to this ‘cool’ app. Wonder where the other social giants such as the likes of Google+, Whatsapp or Viber fall in this category!

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How to get it? – Not a problem, since the compatibility runs through all platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry and Kindle Fire. Tango started as a mobile messaging application but its reach fuelled up the need for its evolution to other platforms. As for the app requirements, have a proper internet connection, verify your contact number and get ready to experience a crystal clear mode of communication. Moreover, the app data usage is highly optimized to use minimal MBs for a video call, hence it’s all sunshine for the pocket! Our opinion – Tango is a must-have if you are a socialite or a communication technophile of sorts.

Let’s jot down the stellar features of Tango app:

  • Communicate via texts, calls, video calls, stickers, emojis, location and graphics for free, anywhere in the world.
  • Personal chats or group chats while chatting up to 50 people at a time.
  • Smooth, user-friendly interface – the facility to interact through an exciting range of games and filters, even while being in a call!
  • Integration with Spotify and Tango Shop – a social shopping adventure.
  • A customizable user interface, profile personalization and varieties of chat options, from 1 on 1 to public chat rooms.

How to Download Tango for PC

With a plethora of functions and features in its backyard, Tango is easily one of the coolest ways to hang out with our kin. The goal has been simple – provide a seamless interface to communicate, and its implication has been exemplary. It initially ventured to be a mobile messaging app, which can now also be made available to a Windows/Mac PC. Once done, it allows the user to sync chats between any devices and updates in real-time. This can be made possible using Andy, a popular android emulator. With a few easy steps and certain pre-requisites, one can enjoy the whole Tango-power in his hands. So well, let’s download Tango on PC.

  1. First, download and installed Andy Emulator for PC. It is necessary to have visualization enabled in the BIOS settings. Also, make sure the video drivers are up to date. Since the emulator installs a virtual machine on the PC hard drive, it’s important that the system meets at least 2/3GBs of RAM and at least 20 GB of free storage.
  2. After installation, run the application and complete the sign-up process. An already existing Google account can be used if applicable.
  3. Once done, look for Tango in the application and install it as per the mentioned steps.
  4. It’s done! Now your entire messaging world is a click away on your PC. Access the Tango app and plunge deep into your personally customized world, now within a mindful reach of yours.

It’s the need of the hour to stay in touch with our loved ones and Tango does that for us – free. With all that it has to offer makes it stupendous along with being extremely easy to use and adapt to. Tango is not an app, it’s an experience and total bliss. So, no further wait, take our heed and harness all the potentials of this powerful application, now also on your PC. Let’s TANGO!


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