Social Media Marketing: Six Trends to Keep Your Eyes On

Brands are advised to make social media marketing an unavoidable part of their core marketing strategies as due to technological advancement all the social media platforms are embedded with the new features over the year. The main priority of every brand should be to find ways to connect to the right audience, and for that, they are left with no more than eight seconds to grab the attention of their audience because of increased competition. Which social media platform is more appropriate for investing your time and money? Marketers should pinpoint those social media platforms where a maximum number of their targeted audience exists.

As the time spent on social media platforms has increased over the past few years. In that matter, marketers should always stay ahead of the curve on social media platforms to compete with the other brands.

Here are six trends to keep your eyes on for social media marketing this year:

  • A significant contribution of social media influencers:

Businesses are now also investing their time and money on social media influencers for increasing their customers’ attention and engagement; Influencer marketing is used as a tool to change the buying decisions of their followers along with brand positioning.

Influencers should be chosen carefully because somehow it will reflect on quality and type of your brand and through this might be positioning your brand in the mind of customers. The way you want to people think of your brand is highly affected by the face or influencers you use for dispersing the word.

  • Brands Can No Longer Ignore the Power Of Live-Streaming:

In 2018, people are expecting to watch more of live-streaming as live-streaming; instead, they are waiting to be it as a conversational session between them and the brands/businesses. Its popularity among the audience has takeover of more than 80% of the customers’ preferences of watching live-streaming video from a brand instead of reading a blog. As it accelerates quick responses from both brand and audience, so it’s most likely to be preferred by the brand for organic reach and feedback. The popularity and use of these live-streaming videos are so huge that it has made it nearly possible for everyone to do the aftermath.

  • Chatbots Boosting Customer Engagement:

We will see many brands adopting the idea of developing their chatbots for customers’ engagement in 2018. We will all witness the success of chatbots by the end of this year by the brands/businesses. Chatbots have become a norm for every website. They are specially developed for building a connection with their customer around the globe. Brand directly interacting with their customers has provided them with the opportunity to know their audience personally. Chatbots are mainly used by the customers for information related to products and for placing online orders. Chatbots are associated with automated software to give quick human-like responses to their customers. These are also automated to send personalized messages to the end-users

  • Generation Z Setting Trends for Social Media Marketing:

Who is interested in connecting their brand with a growing economy around the world? If you are, Then Gen Z is providing a huge opportunity for you to connect with fast emerging segments of the world economy.

Generation z is the only generation where they value to make purchasing decisions on social media platforms instead of price. Gen Z is influenced 2-3 times more by social media than the discounted offers.

Marketers should dig deep into finding the interesting topics of gen Z before developing a marketing campaign or strategy. Once you have a better understanding of the likable of Gen Z, you’ll be able to create an effective marketing campaign to accelerate the response of the audience. Social media is a platform for people, not technology alone and to get the prevalence you have to improve your online presence.

  • Augmented Reality:

As the organic reach was facing a considerable decline in the growing use of social media platforms but augmented reality is something that will provide markets with the benefit of a doubt to target the right audience. Augmented reality is more likely to capture more attention than virtual reality in the coming years.

Marketers are getting more customers’ responses by the advertisement based on AR. For example, Snapchat is allowing marketers to create a temporary filter for their brands for advertisement. Platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are helping Augmented Reality conventional. You can visit here to earn Instagram likes.

  • Shoot more and more Videos:

Creating a compelling video is a keep to build a future in social media for marketing. There is a massive change in the response of the audience since social media marketing campaigns are followed by videos. Every marketer has a short attention span of 8-10 seconds for making their video worth watching. This year, more and more videos are on their way to increase customers’ attention and engagement in the social media marketing campaigns of the brands. In the era of mobile-first videos have become a necessity for every marketing campaign.

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