Top 10 Sites like SolarMovie You Must Try

If you ask us, we could never imagine weekends and boring nights without something to binge watch. Thanks to the internet, we have resources available to us easy peezy. But, if we ponder upon things better, then we also have an array of things to choose from when it comes to something as basic as choosing an accessory or as complicated as going on a trip abroad.

While certain things seem to be better than the other, often, we must make use of things in harmony, and in such a way that we as customers are the ones who get the maximum benefit out of what we are doing.

SolarMovie, as you all know is a third party website that allows you to stream movies online, for free. And while there is a lot of things that the website does have to offer, one can’t manage to find everything that there is in the world of Movie and TV shows on one single website.

So, for everyone who thinks that they need more, here are a few alternatives to SolarMovie!

  1. Vumoo (

Vumoo is what we’d call just the perfect and one of the best sites like SolarMovie. Only, it also has a few additional things in terms to offer in the sense that it has got a collection of 60,000 plus movies, and documentaries too. With good quality that anyone who is watching a movie is looking out for, the website will help you stream movies via a third party and have an interface quite simple to understand.

2. (

Many must have already used, or might be using Movie4u instead, and they are both the same. The website has its own way to let you stream the movies from other sites, including the likes of The Pirate Bay, etc. While it is obviously the coolest thing ever to be able to stream and watch movies online, completely free, the fact does remain that they’re illegal. However, the world uses it, and thanks to these people not being in the US, it becomes all complicated to enforce copyright issues.

3. Movies4u (

Meant exclusively to get you the best of movies from the golden period of cinema, Movies4u focuses on letting you stream them. And, it lets you do that in good quality without much of a hassle coming your way. Primarily used for streaming movies, you will also find ample of TV shows from all the leading networks available here. It might be a good choice if you’re looking for the best sites like SolarMovie.

4. YesMovies (

Chances are you’ve already stumbled upon this website, or even better already use it. For those who do not know about it, Yes Movies offers streaming at high speed provides you’ve got a decent internet connection. With an array of movies and TV shows that you can choose from, the interface is simple and perfectly done.

5. Rainerland (

For the times when you think even you can’t figure out what is it that you want to watch, then this is your escape. The website has excelled in providing suggestions for your next watch based on the things you’ve seen earlier. The real time search, organization of the tabs and sections on general and the plethora of TV shows and movies to choose from, that’s what Rainerland is made up of.

6. Hulu (

You’d question us why are we talking about something that isn’t like SolarMovie in a list websites that talks about the opposite. Well, this one is listed here because we think it is something that a TV and movie buff ought to know about. Meant for getting off good content as you stream online or download them instead, you can also stream some of the leading channels on it. Though paid, you’ve got our backs here, for this money is worth spending. They’ve got two basic plans on a per year basis, which have commercials as the measuring scale for good or bad. And, that is no commercials or limited commercials.

7. YIFY (

Rightly said to be one of the best movies for streaming movies online, it is well known foe the quality that it has to offer too. The ideal alternative to SolaMovie, the intuitive search, HD quality, and the overall interface are just about perfect for calling it the best. However, it must be noted that Yify does not provide direct streaming, but does it via third party ala.

8. Let Me Watch This (

As fascinating as the name sounds, the website is an equal treat to watch movies and Tv shows on. The website has a collection and perfect combination of older with rather recent movies available, and all of it for free. The movies can be streamed online, even downloaded or watched later. It not only allows you to search through filters or directly through the search tab, it offers something that we think is really cool. While you watch a movie of a certain genre, or an actor or type, the website shows you a list of movies you’d like on every single page of the search! Now that’s what is cool, isn’t it?

9. AllMovie (

A personal favourite when watching movies are concerned, AllMovie offers only movies but in a collection like never before. As the name suggests, this is like a movie lover’s paradise. Right from movies of multiple genres, to their listings etc, the website has got it all. And and and, there’s more to it! One of the best part about the website that it also offers all the latest news, articles and listings about the movies doing the rounds and movies that have forever been there. Oh yes, now that what I’d call exciting for a movie buff.

10. Movies.GG (

This one’s available in two languages, English and German and the website allows you to search your way through the plethora of movies available via the multiple search options available. The website shows you the current favourites and the latest movies on a list, and, offers you a list of similar movies to watch after you’ve watched a certain one, and we all do know the cycle, don’t we? Download options aren’t available, however, it is too basic for any layman to use, and avoids any complications or jargons to let you navigate through simple and easy.

So that is how our list of 10 sites like SolarMovie looks like, which one of them are you going to use to stream your next movie?

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