Siri for Android: Best 10 Android Assistant Apps

Because the life is getting too busy, we want someone to help us out with our daily stuff. So, android assistant is the only thing that we could find to get our work done without paying a penny. When it comes to smartphone assistant applications, there is only one which is very popular is Siri but Siri is available only for iOS platform. Then, let’s talk about the alternates of Siri, which can be used as Android assistant apps. There is not much difference between the features of Android assistant applications and Siri except the names, so that’s really a good news for people who are looking for top android assistant.

These personal android assistant apps helps to get done day to day tasks such as remembering important dates, drive to home after office hours and more.

Here, we are going to enlighten you about top 10 Android assistant apps or best alternatives of Siri for Android.


1. EVA Voice Assistant App

Although the usability seems bit difficult for new users because of its interface that is congested with too many stuff but once you get used to the app, you will find it way better than assistant available in the market for android users. It is loaded with lots of features, which blows away other personal assistant apps for android. Full version of EVA costs $19.99 but you can go for the free version for 28 days.

EVA is the only assistant application that has got a dedicated car mode, which can be used while driving. If you are looking for an assistant app, which can provide hands free functioning then EVA suits you best.

The app allows you to perform many tasks including voice messaging, map navigation, set alarm, emails, reading text, reply of the text and much more.

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2. Assistant app

The app, though unpopular but still loaded with attractive features and user friendly interface. Assistant application is available on Google Play for android user, so you guys don’t have to dig too much to acquire this application, which is known as the best alternate of Siri for Android. Let me introduce you curious people with Android Assistant App and its features. The app instantly wakes up on your voice command and treats you like a dictator. It is capable of performing map navigation, set appointment, set reminders and other features as well. The best feature of these applications is that you don’t have to look for a specific application in your phone as Assistant App can instantly launch any application, which is available/installed in your phone.

3. 24me

24me is one of the alternates of Siri, which can provide the experience same as Siri app. It is loaded with features same as Siri for iOS, the features include browse internet, navigation, voice calling and more. The interface has good usability and known as a very good user friendly.

The app automatically keeps on updating the user about upcoming payments from the service provider. It allows you to set the reminder for what you want to do and even allow to set the tasks on repeatable mode.

4. Pocket Assistant

Pocket Assistant provides you a multi-task personal 3D assistant, which is a courteous blonde girl. The app is loaded with 4 unique characters, every assistant has strong personality and sense of humour. It gives you experience of realistic 3D characters to make the application more attractive. One of the best feature is that the characters can be customized as there are heaps of outfits.

Let’s talk about the main features what an assistant must have to perform the specific tasks. Its services is known for making your life easier than before. Your voice command can perform amazing tasks including alarm, SMS, voice calling, horoscope, weather forecast, reminders, news and much more.

The app will not let you miss any update from Facebook and Twitter as it tells about the news feed of social apps. You can ask your assistant to make you feel funny if you are bored, the app instantly turn on music, provide you funny videos, jokes and games as well.

5. ANDY (Siri like Assistant)

Although ANDY is a paid assistant app but there is a free version as well. ANDY assistant is an intelligent virtual assistant application for android devices. The app seems more useful for students as they can ask questions regarding the science, history and general knowledge. It instantly recognizes the command once you press microphone button available on the screen of application.

The interface of ANDY is simple and user friendly that allows user to use it without putting too much efforts. If you are looking for ANDY Pro then you have to give away $4.38.

6. Robin – the Siri Challenger

Robin is a personal assistant application for android users, the app can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store as it is a free version. Its gradually increasing intelligence can be watched day by day as it’s still a beta version, which is getting better day by day.

Robin supports gestures for providing the best results and the gestures can be activated just by waiving your hand twice. Some applications don’t get what you speak just because of the accents but you will not get annoyed just because of the languages and accents as Robin can recognize different accents. If you are looking for best alternative of Siri for Android, then Robin also gets position among top Android assistant apps.

7. Top Assistant

The app comes under the list of powerful toolbox and procures a magic button that can always be seen on the display or on the top of any app. Top Assistant not only provides magic button but also allowed the user to changes the position of magic button anywhere. Because we don’t want to waste our time, we should set the app to auto start whenever the phone reboots/boots. The app suits best for basic functions/tasks but along with a decent user interface. It allows user to see recent apps, app information and more.

8. Indigo Virtual Assistant

The app is known for its attractive interface and features as it adds funny stuff to your daily life. It does listen to you and understands like a human being, sometimes gives its own opinions as well that add more fun to the app. Indigo is capable of reading headlines, telling jokes, controlling the music and more. You can give voice commands for directions, create appointments, search videos on YouTube and look for restaurants.

One of the best feature allow you to translate anything to French, Italian and more than 70 languages. It can not only make phones calls but also read and send text messages.

9. Jeannie

Jeannie comes under the list of top assistant apps for android, which has around 1 million downloads. The app has got very smart mind that is capable of recognizing the keywords, so it not only shows the result of sentence but also the result of the keywords. It behaves like a character that is very responsive to the voice commands. Most of the features are same as the above apps but more to come in future. Although the app is free of cost but there are some in-app purchases, which varies according to features you want to avail.

10. Jarvis – My Personal Assistant

If you are looking for the coolest personal assistant, Jarvis is the best option for you to get from Google Play Store. The app currently supports only English language but don’t get this application wrong just because of the language factor as there many cool features available with this app. The app is available for free but the pro version costs $2.24.

Jarvis instantly starts functioning once you tap on the lock screen. It allows the user to control android device through android wearable and updates the user by voice notifications about battery life, news, weather and much more.


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