Refurbished iPhone is sustainable and on the rise

It is no longer a matter of course that you buy an Apple iPhone brand new from the store. Smart buyers save up to 50% on the purchase price and at the same time contribute to sustainable reuse with a refurbished iPhone.

Where do they produce refurbished iPhones?

Refurbished literally means “refurbished”. This means that the iPhones have been used before and then bought by specialized companies with the aim of completely refurbishing them. One reason for the return may be that companies have purchased phones for employees who soon left and returned their phones. Consumers who buy a new iPhone also often exchange their old model. Some refurbished iPhones have never been used at all, but have been taken from a stock surplus, for example.

Repair specialists carefully check the incoming phones for more than 50 points. Any defective parts are replaced, after which the complete inspection process is repeated. If everything is in order, you can speak of a refurbished iPhone. These devices are therefore completely refurbished and ready for sale.

What are the benefits of a refurbished iPhone for the consumer?

A big advantage of a refurbished iPhone is a reduction in the environmental impact. Instead of a new phone, you give an existing model a second chance. The life cycle of the device is extended by an average of more than two years. This saves mining for scarce raw materials and energy consumption in the production of new appliances.

Another advantage of a refurbished iPhone is the favorable price. You save hundreds of euros compared to an unused model with the same specifications. For convenience, we take the Xr as an example. The retail price of this iPhone is € 709, while the refurbished iPhone Xr is already available for € 539. You can also rent an iPhone (translated to Dutch: iPhone huren Flexitrent) and discover all features of a refurbished iPhone at Flex IT Rent. Next to iPhones Flex IT has a wide range of IT products for B2B and B2C usage. Try some Virtual Reality products and rent VR-glasses (Translated to Dutch: vr huren Flexitrent) and experience the benefits of Virtual Reality. 

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