Razer’s blackwidow mechanical keyboard is now water and dust resistant

Starting with their most popular BlackWidow ultimate, the company, Razer, one of the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, is introducing water and dust resistant keyboards. Water and dust resistance has been one of the most important feature for Bluetooth devices and smartphones and the same feature has now been introduced by Razer. This is the most stable keyboard developed by the company till now and it also protects against accidents and also dust particles. It has been said that the latest mechanical keyboard will now be able to survive spilled drinks. We all have faced a moment where there have been accidental spillages on the keyboard, but the latest Razer BlackWidow is resistant to both water and dust, making you emerge a winner with confidence. The switches are optimized in such a way and reset points are also developed that have made it sure that it responds in a fast way. The switches of this model deliver top performance and are also reliable in nature making sure that you are ahead of each and every game.

The switches are manufactured in- house and the company also makes sure that each and every requirement is met, it results in a life span of 80 million key strokes. The switches come with 50g actuation force, 10 key roll over anti ghosting, and razer synapse enabled functions (this helps in configuring the back-lighting effects and profiles). It also includes individually backlit keys in color green and comes with different lighting modes like wave, ripple, reactive and starlight. These keys offer its users “dynamic lighting effects”. Not only this, the keys are fully programmable in nature, along with 1000Hz ultra-polling. It also comes with a gaming mode that will deactivate the windows and this ensures that you do not tab out of the desktop accidentally while chasing your enemies.

The company never stopped making improvements in their gaming keyboards and this model is the most durable model till now and also the first keyboard that is water and dust resistant. The new model has got IP54 rating, wherein 5 represents protection against dust particles and 4 represents protection against water. And this shows that it can survive anything , be it a heavy pill or a rainstorm. The first digital in rating shows that it can protect the system from dust and the second digit shows that it offers protection from water. The higher the number goes, the better the rating becomes. As 6 is the highest number, in this case the number is 5 which shows that the keyboard is protected against dust. In case of water protection, the highest number is 8, and the number in this case is 4 which shows that the keyboard is protected from water, even if the water is splashed on it from all the directions.

The keycaps can be easily removed by the user, and this lets the user to pat the inside of the keyboard dry and helps the user in cleaning up the mess. Some of the features in this model are same as that of the older version, like that of the mechanical key switches, backlight keys with green LEDs and on-the fly macro- recording. If you have a very narrow gaming table, then this is the right fit for you. The dimensions of the mechanical keyboard are 7.98 inch X 6.02 inch X 2.36 inch and the weight of the mechanical keyboard is less than a pound.

BlackWidow will be made available by the company all across the globe by the month of December. The device will cost $109.99.

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