Qualities of an Ideal Sharepoint Consultant

Microsoft has recently announced the availability of Sharepoint Servicer 2019 with more advanced features and improvements.

However, there is always a learning curve in adjusting to new technologies.

If your business is transitioning to newer versions of SharePoint, it will take time for your staff to maximize the benefits of its features.

One solution is to hire a competent SharePoint consultant for a faster and seamless transition.

From the many SharePoint consulting services in the market, how does a business choose the best match?

Here are some qualities to look for in SharePoint consulting services before you hire them:

Fast Learner

A good consultant can understand business processes quickly.

Similar industries share the same pain points.  Therefore, it is advantageous if a consultant has implemented SharePoint in the same or similar industry as yours.

Knowing what works and what does not work makes it easier for the consultant to lead clients in the right direction.


A consultant will always ask questions.  This is because what the client wants may be different from what the client says.

A good consultant will continuously clarify and validate business requirements.


Good Communication Skills

A good consultant keeps an open channel of communication with clients.  They encourage clients to raise their questions and concerns without fear of being intimidated.

They are also open-minded and comfortable enough to make suggestions, always in the best interests of the client.



From discussions with clients, a good consultant can break down given requirements and analyze the real needs of the users.

Enjoys Giving Live Demonstrations

Once a client needs clarification, a good consultant will immediately give a live demo.  Visually showing how SharePoint meets client needs will prove the importance of the tool.

Loves Learning

A good consultant is up-to-date with the latest trends in SharePoint technology.  At their own time, they will explore the hidden features of SharePoint.


Creative Thinker

Because of their extensive knowledge of SharePoint, a good consultant knows the ins and outs of the system. They can leverage on existing features to satisfy even the most complex of customer needs.

Although customization is possible, a good consultant will do their best to sell the features of the existing system.

In the long-term, this will be an advantage because of the following reasons:

  • The current system has already passed testing under many scenarios.
  • There will be lesser problems in case of an upgrade.
  • Microsoft support can answer frequently-encountered issues.
  • Many knowledge-based articles are available on the web.

A good consultant can also suggest third-party tools to address the client’s requirements.


Explains clearly

A rare trait is to be able to explain complex concepts in simple terms.

A good consultant will explore all methods (whether written or verbal) to ensure that the client understands what can and cannot be done by SharePoint.

A good consultant can present confidently across different groups.  They can customize presentations to suit the audience.

Training is second nature to a good consultant.


A good consultant will document the reasons behind major decisions.  Not having anything written down in memos can cause confusion and even scope creep.

Focused on the Long-Term

Reputable SharePoint consulting services are interested in continuous working relationships.  There is a clear commitment to post-live support.


Teamwork and Mentorship

Mentoring the next generation of SharePoint consultants is also the priority of a competent consultant.

They freely share their experiences and best practices with clients.

These are ideal qualities.  It will take years of experience to build skills to reach these high levels of expertise. 

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