How PowerPoint Plugins Can Help You Create Powerful Presentations

You may have heard the term ‘Death by PowerPoint,’ which can have two possible meanings. One, your career or potential sales will hinge upon how well you do your presentation. On the flip side, your slides are so dull that your audience would wish they might as well be dead. In both ways, it does not bode well for you.

Since Microsoft first unveiled PowerPoint in 1987, the tool has been a staple for conference rooms and schools. But while it has leveled up how individuals can articulate their points, it is still somewhat limited.

Your audience would not be impressed because they, too, have PowerPoint on their computers. And they have utilized those same slides. This situation is where a PowerPoint plugin comes in handy.

Benefits of PowerPoint Plugins 

Here are some ways in which plugins can help you:

  1. They instill confidence in your presentation – This may be mental, but you need all the confidence that you can get. And you are not alone; more than nine in ten people feel more confident when they have a well-designed presentation.
  1. They speed up your work – How many hours do you spend on your presentation, just for getting the right designs, sizes, and fonts? The plugins will drastically help you finish creating your presentation quicker. For instance, you can select ‘make shapes the same size,’ and the tool will automatically perform the task, saving you a lot of time.
  1. Captivate your audience – By installing a PowerPoint plugin, you can keep your audience focused and even enthralled. And your boss would be impressed by your effort to go the extra mile to make your presentation unique and exciting.
  1. Look professional – Have you ever felt that your presentation needs more professionalism? No doubt, when somebody asks you to explain your job and your numbers, you can do it with your eyes closed. Some people, however, are not very well-versed with software technology. Instead of focusing on their data, they get sidelined by making the slides.

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Tools You Can Use With a Plugin


When you install PowerPoint plugins, you are scaling up your options. You get access to a wide array of tools that would bring your slides to the next level. Here are some of the features that you can use:

Gantt charts – Get access to multiple Gantt charts so your audience will better track the project’s progress.

Embed YouTube videos – You can use the clips to support your data or as a break from your presentation. What better diversion is there than funny cat videos?

Rule of thirds – You can communicate more effectively when you tap on the subconscious. People love symmetry, and this tool will help you simplify complicated layouts without sacrificing balance.

The same color – Do you remember the facts about symmetry? You can make all the shapes of the same color by clicking on the first object you created – no need to check the RGB for the right shade.

There are countless other plugin tools you can use, such as splitting tables into shapes, fitting or cropping to slides, getting access to new and beautiful presentation templates, and deleting all the elements with just one click. Note that plugins will help make your job more manageable and allow you to focus on proving your point or making that sale.

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