Making 3D Printing Easier Than Ever

3D Hubs is the first 3D printing service online that allows engineers to control the orientation, outcome, and even cost of their own 3D printing order online. This unique 3D printing tool, not only gives you the ability to specify the print orientation for SLS and FDM 3D printing, but it also allows you to select a cosmetic side for SLA parts. 

What engineers are saying about online 3D Printing

Engineers, who were fortunate to use the 3D Hubs tool, claim it was very helpful since it

  • Makes communicating parts requirements much easier
  • Gives them more control over production processes
  • Allows them to begin 3D printing quicker
  • Helps to avoid unnecessary mistakes
  • Provides a way to save on parts manufacturing

The Advantages of 3D Printing

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In recent years, 3D printers have taken the manufacturing industry by storm. From automobiles to computer parts, products made by 3D printers have undoubtedly played a big role in the lives of many today. 3D printing is the process of using a digital drawing to make a 3D product. 3D printers achieve this by using a process called additive manufacturing. Compared to CNC machining, which uses subtractive manufacturing, additive manufacturing adds material in layers until the product is complete. Having access to a 3D printer poses many benefits for major companies and citizens alike. As it continues to grow, 3D printers are destined to play a major role in the way everyone lives their daily lives in the future.


One of the biggest advantages of 3D printers is reduced the amount of time it takes to create a product. Before the mass inclusion of 3D printers in manufacturing, R&D teams would have to make several prototypes before mass-producing a product. Nowadays, a prototype can be made using a 3D printer and easily updated in the computer to print again. What used to take several months now takes much less time.

Low Costs

From purchasing to printing, the entire process is very cost-effective. In the early days of 3D printers, one would be hard-pressed to find a printer under six figures. Nowadays, basic 3D printers sell for around a few hundred dollars. Material prices for 3D printers tend to vary but for the most part are pretty cheap. The additive process of 3D printing is very conservative, as it only uses the exact amount of material needed to make the product. Whatever material hasn’t been used can be used to make the next product.

Risk Mitigation

Using a 3D printer can cut down on the amount of risk-taking during the manufacturing process. Even if a manufacturing company doesn’t plan to mass manufacture a part with a 3D printer they are still useful in other ways. 3D printers allow you to print a prototype ahead of time before involving other equipment such as CNC machining or traditional machines. This helps build confidence in the design at hand while cutting down on the amount of risk. 

3D Hubs 3D Printing Service

3D printer ownership has grown to the point where companies that don’t have this technology are in the minority. Even with 3D printers being more accessible than ever, some companies just can’t purchase a 3D printer for various reasons. An online 3D printing service such as 3D Hubs offers an alternative to owning a 3D printer. 3D Hubs is a company that specializes in making CNC machining and 3D printed parts. Founded in 2013, this 3D printing service has produced and shipped over 3 million parts worldwide. The process is quick, easy, and affordable. Make sure to visit their website for more details.


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