Know the Best Tips to Improve website Accessibility

So, you are here to know the essential and classic tips for improving the website accessibility. Good, you stepped into an exact corner. Here you find some effective and classic tips and many other essential things regarding improving accessibility process of a website.

Greatly, accessibility must be considered as the part of every single web project to enhance availability to the broadest probable audience. So, in the same article or post, users will find some good ways to and by applying them one must improve the accessibility of their website without spending more time.

Go through some effective tips and ways

The following are some main ways or tips that assist the users in providing the improvement in accessibility of their website –

Consider the colors properly

It means that to make your website accessible and to improve its accessibility one needs to perform more work on the color concept. They must take care of the ratio in which they provide color on their website. Users only have to maintain the color in 5:1 or 3:1 for better accessibility. They must create or design that combination of colors when performing the web design concept which is easier for the reader or visitors to read or watch.

Contextual links

Those users and readers make use of screen readers have an option to navigate the web page by jumping through various links and find something interesting for themselves. Now in the case of text links, the individuals would normally hear the same word in the isolation, unless the content that spread all around them. So, the entire thing becomes unhelpful when the thing or word that users hear previously like more or click here. These types of points and links are of no use and don’t provide any useful information to the users and people. The best and excellent option against the same is to give the descriptive link. The best link that refers to that article or blog where the users and readers find all the essential information which they want.

Alternative content

It is the best and main component for improving the accessibility of the website. One must provide an alternative content and that content to the people or users which they find or search easily without making so many efforts. There are numerous techniques and ways present like those which help to the objective of WAI. There are some types of contents always present, that is not easily available to the users and readers. To meet that content, they must go through some useless content or pages.

So, one should pay more attention to providing the alternative and appropriate content to their users to make them connected with your website for a long time and it also automatically improves the accessibility of that site.


So, the tips and ways that are given above are only to provide the users with access to their website. To gather more effective and simple ways to improve accessibility one should go through

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