iPhoto for PC : Alternatives for Windows 7/8/10 or Mac

iPhoto is an amazing app developed by Apple, although iPhoto can only be installed on Apple devices but there are other apps available in the market, which are same as iPhoto. Maybe you already tried to download it on your PC but you ended up with nothing, which is a bitter pill to swallow. Don’t worry guys as we are going to tell you the best alternatives for iPhoto.

Don’t be annoyed if you can’t find the app on your iOS or Mac operating system, iPhoto is easily available for these devices, and can be downloaded anywhere anytime. So, give it a shot now and experience its most amazing features on your devices.

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Features of iPhoto

  • It allows the user to import pictures from other devices such as storage devices and cameras.
  • It makes editing very easy, so you can play around with your favorite pictures to make them more good looking.
  • iPhoto is an intelligent enough to identify any image format including raw formats.
  • Sharing has never been so easy but iPhoto makes it a piece of cake by allowing you share the pictures on most of the apps/website including Twitter, emails, Facebook, Flickr etc.
  • The app is capable of grouping all the pictures you took according to the time, which looks more arranged.
  • iPhoto can recognize the faces in the picture, so you can look for a particular guy in heaps of pictures.

Having these amazing features, you should be excited about downloading the app on PC, and there is a certainty about the Apple applications or devices, they don’t let you down.

Download alternatives of iPhoto for PC (Windows 10/8/7)

Unfortunately, you guys can’t run iPhoto on Windows XP/7/8/10 but we are fortunate to have alternates of iPhoto. It’s high time to reveal the alternatives of iPhoto, so you can have fun with these apps without having Apple device.

1. Picasa

This is a very nice app same as the iPhoto, Picasa is procured by Google. The app is available on Google for free and it is bundled with superior features. We can say it best alternative of iPhoto PC version.

Picasa Features

  • It can track and import the pictures.
  • Comes with amazing editing features such as red eye reduction and other picture effects.
  • Capable of recognizing most of the image formats.
  • The app can compress/reduce the image size, crop the image and tag someone.
  • It has face recognition feature as well.
  • It automatically backups the pictures, and geotags the stored pictures.

Click on the link to download Picasa.

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2. Zoner Photo Studio

Another alternative of iPhoto for PC is Zoner Photo Studio, although the application doesn’t have features like Picasa app but it is considered the second best alternative of iPhoto. The app comes with a user friendly interface, and it gets your work done in a decent way. The app has got amazing features, which allows you to perform creative editing and photo management.

Zoner Features

  • The app supports both ways synchronization, so the all photos from the device get synced with the application and photos from the application gets synced with the device.
  • Zoner allows you to do picture sharing, copying, moving and more interesting stuff.
  • The app supports screen casting, so the pictures can be casted to the smart TV.
  • The photos can also be accessed on media server.
  • Zoner has a feature that allows to create your own postcard within seconds.

Click on the link to download Zoner Photo Studio.

3. Photoscape

Photoscape is quite good for photo editing and managing. You don’t have to pay for this app to get your jobs done. There are lots of features to muck around. Although Photoscape is an alternative of iPhoto for PC but it is not as good as iPhoto.

Photoscape Features

  • Its amazing features include collage, which we like the most to use our favourite pictures in one frame.
  • The best feature I personally like that we can create GIF files for social media posts.
  • There are lots of editing and managing features in Photoscape.

Click on the link to download Photoscape.

So, don’t say that iPhoto is the best and I’m going to get Apple device just because of one application as there are alternates for everything, and we will keep on exploring alternates for other apple applications as well.

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