Headphone Buyers Guide for Drummers

Being able to play an instrument makes you a part of the music community worldwide. No matter what instrument you play, it plays a big role in the community because when you create sound, it’s not only for you. This means that the people who create music for us are really precious human-beings. And, we should do everything to keep them safe.

One of the most affected instrument-players is the drummers. Constantly hearing banging sounds, just for our sake of enjoyment, can really affect their hearing, which can further lead to different problems for them.

In order to protect them, manufacturers have made special headphones for the drummers, which can help them listen to the beat they have to create and protect themselves.

Following is a list of the Best Headphones for Drummers, easily available for everyone in the market:

1. Beyerdynamic DT 770 M 80 Ohm

If you have been a drummer for quite a long time, then you must have heard of Beyerdynamic. This company has been popular among many drummers in the industry, mainly because of the quality of the product they provide.

As a drummer’s main requirement is a crystal-clear sound to be heard in their ears while they make symphonic music, the DT 770 is the best choice for the drummer. Coming with a metallic frame, it also contains microfiber fabric and padding on the ear cups, making it quite comfortable to wear.

2. Vic Firth VFSIH1 Stereo Isolation Headphones

The second item on the list is the ‘Vic Firth; Stereo Isolation Headphones. Since not all of us are professional drummers and cannot afford to make beefy investments for buying headphones, the VFSIH1 headphones will solve the problem.

Regardless of its really low price, its most comfortable headphones, the VFSIH1 comes with a handful of features. These headphones come with noise cancellation technology, which makes you hear the highest decibels of sound, without impairing your hearing.

This product is durable and worth your money, and can also be used for an extended period of time.

3. Direct Sound EX-29 Dynamic Closed Headphones

With crunchy sound, ease, and coziness, the Direct Sound EX-29 has accomplished to please its customers by offering the most dynamic features and has gained the position of the favorite headphones.

Being really lightweight, these headphones can be used for a really long time for jamming. This product feels proud of itself for providing the most immense sound experience ever. Another ease provided by the manufacturers in this product is that it requires no battery, at all.

All this makes this product the best Headphones for Drummers available.

4. Sony MDR7506

Being one of the most renowned tech-related companies in the World, Sony provides its consumers with a really great set of headphones. The image they have set in the minds of their customers for always getting the product worth their price fulfills the requirement here as well. Providing exceptional quality of sound and an overall durable device, the Sony MDR7506 can be called the ‘King of Headphones’.


As we hear everywhere, safety should be the first priority. Choose wisely.

Happy drumming!


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