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Download Grindr for PC (Windows 10/8/7)

Grindr is men’s dating application, assisting gay singles in finding companions, and if luck strikes, true love as well. The application is location-based, commercial dating tool, providing an affectionate setting for bi-curious men to get on friendlier and intimate terms with other men on board. Hailed as a stellar attempt in the sphere of cyber courtship, the application uses GPS technology to track the interested men around, and connecting them with one other to build joyful alliances. Using Gridr seems like a five-finger exercise, as its timeline is neatly built with a row of options that offers no confusion.

That the identity of homosexuality is still subjected to intense hostility in our so-called developing world, which must be fended off, an endeavor like Grindr is a Clarion Call for not demonstrating any show of contempt or disdain to gay men.

Many men have projected positive interest in Grindr, and its download count of 2 million in 196 countries speaks volumes of its mass popularity. This application has compatibility with both major operating systems – Apple iOS and Android – but, Grindr for PC isn’t a story so far.

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Grindr Features

  • Grindr has customizing software to help its users find men with better desirability.
  • Grindr allows users to connect with men as per their preferable ‘tribe’ that includes Beear, Jack, Twink and many more as per their sex choices.
  • In a single view, users can scroll down through multiple profiles, whose number can even go up to 100.
  • The users can catch up to the interested profiles by saving them, or else can block them instantly.
  • Interest can be conveyed by swiping the profile picture, a procedural norm followed on Tinder as well.

Steps to Download Grindr for Computer

Grindr is a great push to new, healthy beginnings in gay community, and we have been clenching on to its compelling idea of foundation ever since its inception. A fraction of our society might have been conditioned to detest the existence of homosexuals, but this application is a big leap towards the goal of sex indiscrimination.

As told in the beginning of this article, Grindr is unavailable for PC, but jailbreaking is possible. Here, we are put across steps required to download Grindr for PC, which is still an unauthorized application for Windows. Scroll down to get the hang!

  • Download BlueStacks emulator from the official portal, and install it.
  • Now, tap on the search tool to look for Grindr application. The search tool will be seen on top-left of the screen.
  • Click ‘Search Play for Grindr’.
  • Doing this, you will be redirected to the app repository of Google, known as Google Play Store, where you will see the ‘install’ button for Grindr app.
  • Once the installation ends, go to ‘all apps’ section in BlueStacks, and look for Grindr icon to run the app.
  • Click the file. The stage is set for the downloading process of Grindr APK file.
  • Grindr application is ready to work. Load the dice of companionship and love in your favor now!

If you want to get more information on Grindr, then you can visit Grindr Guide.

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