Effects of PPC ads in Digital Marketing on your Business

What is Digital Marketing and PPC?

Digital Marketing is a technique to advertise your business in the whole new world. There are social media, email marketing, content marketing and the best and effective of all; PPC ads.

PPC stands for “Pay Per Click” which means that advertisers are generating clicks through to their websites by paying every time the link is clicked. PPC is offered by many leading platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads and Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

All you need is a good looking website, and PPC ads networks to promote your business but if you are busy or untrained to run PPC ad campaigns by yourself, you can hire a Digital Marketing Agency to do the job for you.

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How Digital Marketing and PPC affect your Business?

A lot has been changed since the Digital revolution has taken place. Previously business has to spend loads of money on a TV advertisement, magazines, audio ads on radio, Newspaper ads, etc. regardless of the audience’s interest. But digital marketing especially PPC ads have changed the scenario in the following ways:

  • Traditionally Sellers had to look for buyers but now buyers actively looking for sellers via google searches where the relevant ads and websites appear according to the search term.
  • Previously the business was dependent upon brand awareness but thanks to PPC ads, the advertiser can target infinite audience.
  • Businesses using traditional methods could only target the local audience regardless of their interest but with PPC ads, the advertiser can target the wide audience who are interested to buy their product or looking for similar products on different digital platforms. Users can also be targeted according to their age, searched keywords, location, day and time hence, making your advertisement more precise and fruitful.
  • With traditional methods, it was quite hard to calculate the ROI as you never know what was the impact of your ads on the viewer whereas with PPC ads, you can easily measure your ROI, adjust your budget, review your audience interests, etc.
  • Traditionally the only method the buyer could reach you is by call or by walking into your office whereas with PPC and Digital marketing buyer can instantly contact you via social media platforms, chats box or emails as well as calling.
  • With paper-based ads or other traditional methods, the advertiser had to pay for each ad copy regardless of the viewer views it or not whereas with PPC, you only have to pay if the viewer clicks on your ad.
  • With PPC ads, your business can get on the top spot of Google’s Page where billions of searches are made every month, hence, increasing your business exposure, leads and sales.
  • Traditional methods like printing leaflets, ads of magazines and newspapers and billboards were quite expensive and dangerous for the environment whereas Digital Marketing Techniques like PPC is comparably very cheap and involves less or No Paper printing, etc.
  • With traditional methods buyer has to physically come to your business premises to completely know about your product as you can’t afford to hire so much space in the print media to write whole specifications and reviews whereas thanks to digital marketing, customers are more confident after reading the product reviews received as well as can easily view all the specifications, videos, and images of your product, hence, giving a remarkably positive impact on your business with less overhead cost.

These were a few advantages of promoting your business via PPC ads. To get started with promoting your business with PPC ads, you require a business website for which there are few points you should read.


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