Effective Brand Activation that Determine Success

The Six Elements of Effective Brand Activation that Determine Success

Does branding or rebranding always end in marketing success? The branding process involves several technicalities including picking the logos, brand colors, establishing a brand message and defining the brand identity. However, that does not ensure consumer engagement or interaction. That is the end-result of brand activation campaigns that marketers and advertisers design after carefully weighing the likes and dislikes of the target market. The perfect brand activation event has a touch of exclusivity. It has to be a well-planned interactive session between the brand ambassadors and the end users.

What defines a good brand activation idea?

Concepts and experience matter while planning brand activation. The best event ideas involve experiences that create memorable and fun experiences for customers. Here are a few points that will help you give your target customers the best interactive experience –

  1. Do you know who your customers are? Are you aware of their hangout spots? Find the people where they are most likely to be comfortable.
  2. Give them enough reason to find an interest in your brand and backstory.
  • Does your brand have a USP? Then you should try to sell it to your customers to gain their loyalty.

What are the six things every excellent brand activation idea includes?

These are the primary points that you should keep in mind to come up with an activation idea that works. However, you need to think beyond the three fundamentals of every brand activation idea that ever was and ever will be. You need some of the best-proven methods that will help you create brand-activation events.

Include exclusivity

When you make an event limited access, you make it unique. People love going to exclusive events, irrespective of their age and purchasing power. Tell your audience about the limited period offers, a limited time frame of the event, or the exclusive discounts that they can experience during the event. Another way to rake up the returns and garner impressive traffic is by selling tickets of the event.

Integrate technology

There is no way to succeed in the era of technology by leaving it out of your brand activation ideas. Whether you use it to scan coupons or use touchscreen tech to input the details of the participants, you need to turn to it at some point during the event. So, why not embrace it from the planning stage, if possible? Spread the word on social media and encourage the participants to share the live videos, and images from their accounts. It will help your brand gain visibility.

The brand feel

What is your activation idea? Is it a shipment container store? Are you looking forward to a mobile truck tour? Are you opening a pop-up store? Irrespective of the store type and space you pick, you need to ensure that your customers get to true brand feel. You cannot welcome them with bare walls and non-uniformed servers. You need brand ambassadors, proper branding of the space and a complete setup that might even resemble your store.

Get creative

You need creative ideas to woo your customers. Baby boomers have seen enough activations so, in a way, it is tough to surprise them. On the other hand, millennials have a lot of exposure to activities and technology that makes them tough to please as well. You need a generous combination of technology, creativity, and tact to come up with activities that generate good laughs and give people enough reason to remember your brand. Having an expert event marketing team on your team always helps to come up with a brand story that is both genuine and enticing.

Tell a story

When you are hosting a brand activation event anywhere, you should be ready to tell a grandiose story. Your narration should uphold your brand and its products. Storytelling not only positively affects the potential customers, but it also influences your regular staff, the ambassadors, and the existing customers. An impressive and genuine brand story commands loyalty.

Always include your employees

While conducting an outdoor event with your potential customers, never rely on the marketing team to mediate the interactions. Customers expect genuine interactions with their brands. Your employees are integral parts of your brand, and without them, you will find it impossible to tell an honest story, command participation from the customers and complete the necessary data collection you need. Your staff will require additional training and grooming. You can always expect a better-than-the-average experiential marketing agency to help you with that.

A Brand activation event should be unique for a brand. You need to think of your brand’s personality, priorities, objectives and the tastes of your target audience to come up with a resonating idea. We are not saying that coming up with a brand activation idea is challenging, but create one that connects the brand with the customers is.


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