Best VR Headsets to Buy in 2018

After Smartphones, the Virtual reality is the best thing that our scientists have discovered in the field of technology. Virtual Reality or VR is highly attractive and is deeply impressive. Anyone can be a fond of a Virtual Reality view. Although it is virtual, then too we humans try to get it in reality. Our thought process, work as we are encountering a live experience in front of our eyes.

Virtual reality was actually introduced around a decade back, but from last 2-3 years, there are some instruments available in the market by which we can convert any simple picture, video into a Virtual reality thing.


 Which one to Pick?

Since there are so many products available in Market it is very crucial to pick a right one so, that you can get the perfect Virtual Reality experience. In order to pick a best VR Headset, you have to be clear on some points which are mentioned below:

  • For What purpose you need it.

Basically, there are two types of users, one who want VR headset just for Casual movies and for fun whereas another category includes those users who want a VR Headset for playing some games and enjoy.

If you belong to the first category then you can go with any of the VR headsets that are mentioned below but if you are looking for a gaming VR headset then, the last one is for you have a look over them.

  • Headphones are required or not

Again, there exist some customers who want a normal VR Headset which doesn’t come with an inbuilt headphone whereas another category includes those who thinks that inbuilt Headphone is must in a VR headset.

We have provided a list contains VR headset for all the categories of customers mentioned above, now you just to pick one and you are all set to enter the virtual world.

 Best VR Headset to buy in 2018

1. Google Cardboard

A very easy and tiny VR headset to go for. Google Cardboard is highly portable and is very light. You just need to fold it and put it in your pocket. Google Cardboard is among the best and affordable VR headset that you can go for. Along with this, the brand trust that you will get from Google is definitely a very big reason which will encourage you to go for this Headset.

If you are thinking that it is made-up of a cardboard then you will be happy to know that the cardboard material that is being used in this Google headset is very rigid and better than normal plastic that we get in toys, along with this lens of Google Cardboard are highly accurate and perfect for a VR headset and these lenses are very pleasant to all types of eyes.

You can get the Google Cardboard for a price range of around 15$ over some E-commerce website. Thus, go check this out if you were looking for a Cheap, Affordable VR headset. And if you want something over this then do check our other products on the list.


This is the mid-budget VR headset to buy in 2018. Homido is a brilliant manufacturer in terms of VR headsets. Homido V2 is highly appreciated by its users. With Almost each and every smartphone weather IOS or Android, are being supported by Homido V2.

You will be getting a Farsightedness and nearsightedness adjustable setting thuds, so if you have some problem with your vision then also you can use it comfortably. Since it is very compact you will be experiencing a great VR effect.

You will be getting Homido V2 for around 50$ and if you need a controller then you can go for the Official Homido Controller with a price of 39$. Although both of them are a bit over budget but it’s a worthy Investment.

3. Google Daydream VR Headset

Another product from the House of Google, no doubt you will be getting the best VR experience for the price range of around 85$. If you want a mid-premium product then just go for this, it is the perfect choice under 100$.

The comfort is remarkable and you will not be feeling bulky as Google Daydream is very lightweight. It works with almost every Android Smartphone and the lens quality is too very adorable. You can grab this VR Headset from any of the popular E-commerce company.

4. PlayStation VR

I Hope, you are familiar with the PlayStation thing and no doubt you must have played many games but since everything is being changed after Sony came with a very interesting thing which is a PlayStation VR, this is a multipurpose VR and if you are a gamer then it is the best option to go for.

PlayStation VR can be used with a Smartphone and besides that, it can be used to play the game over Playstation. You will be getting a bunch of things with it including earphones, some connecting adapter, and some useful cables. You can play some well-known games like (FarPoint and Batman Arkham VR edition). using this VR Headset.

You can easily get the PlayStation VR for Around 350$ and best earphones under 1000 from any of the E-commerce website. In case you want to use this VR Headset on your PlayStation then you need to buy some extra stuff which mainly includes a camera that will act as the mode of visualization. You can buy these accessories from any trusted website.

This was a small guide on VR headsets and the item that are mentioned above are highly appreciated by millions of customers and they are highly satisfied with their experience. We have crossed check several platforms and then we have created this list and then too if you are having anything that we should know then connect with us directly. Make sure you go for an original product only.

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