The Basics of web Hosting – Five steps guide for beginners

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is one of the types of hosting service for internet which enables you to make your sites easily accessible from different parts of the World. It acts as a platform for your website for hosting it on World Wide Web. These services enable your computer system to get connected to various others with the help of a very fast internet network.

What is the need of hosting of your website on World Wide Web?

Whenever you go for creating your own website you need to have to publish or upload it so that you can make it visible to other people also. All this process needs to have a perfect platform which can properly work on and support your website. Webhosting service is that program which can do all the related work and makes your site visible on World Wide Web. Whenever someone adds the web address of your website, the internet connects the web server containing the files of your website and allows you to transfer the information of your website to the other computers too.

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How to host your website? 5-Steps Guide for the Beginners

Choosing a perfect host for your website is one of the must and foremost need which you can’t really ignore. A perfect host for your website helps in enhancing the visibility and traffic of your website on a larger scale and hence enables it to get a large number of users for it. Here, we are providing you the 5-steps procedure for the beginners which will surely help them a lot.

  • Select the type of hosting service you exactly want to need: The first and foremost thing you required for hosting your website is the kind of hosting you wanted to go with. You can easily choose the one from Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting as per your desire. The hosting you are going to choose totally depends upon the area which they are going to cover means; small, medium and large.


  • Choosing a domain name: The next thing you have to go with getting a suitable and perfect name for your domain. While getting a domain name for your website; you can go with the option of .com which is one of the most used and searched domain extensions and hence is quite efficient to add more in your favor. While selecting a domain you should also keep in mind few another things like; never use the trademark in your domain name and also not to use dashes and numbers in your domain name.


  • Choosing a host: It is one of the most important things for which you need to remain more careful about. You need to choose a perfect host for your website from the available a lot of on the internet.


  • Selection of the name server: Selecting a perfect name server for your website is another thing that you should need to think about. Domain Name System is actually a protocol which clearly mentions the fact that how the exchange of data over the internet get exchanged.


  • Selection of the operating system for web hosting: It is one of the last but not the least thing that you should need to properly care about. The most commonly used operating systems for web hosting are Linux and Windows from where you can easily choose the one as per your desire.

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