A simple approach to editing your pdf images

Do you want pictures to look perfect in your pdf? Well, it is now an achievable goal provided you go for a pdf editor that offers photo editing also. Let us look at how you should go about editing an image in a pdf.

Using a pdf editor that allows photo editing

Ideally, you should go for an editor that has a user-friendly interface so that it is not issued for you to locate the editing widgets.

Clipping and cropping images

Most of the pdf editors have an edit option to edit the photos. What you need to do is select the image and click the Edit option. Now, if you feel the need to separate an object from its background, then you can make use of the clip option.

Most of the pdf editors have a crop option as well if you wish to remove the unwanted outer areas from an image. For that, you need to select the area that you want to be removed and click on the crop option.

Removing the text from the image background

Sometimes you feel that the picture in your pdf does not have the appropriate background colour or text. Well, the good news is that the best pdf editors do have the option to edit the text present in the background of an image. First, you need to select your image and click on the edit option.

The top pdf editors do have an option by the name of OCR. You will find an auto option under the OCR tab that scans the entire image for any textual background. The auto button will unlock the text in the background of your image. Next, you can select the background text and click delete.

Rotating the picture

There are times when you are unhappy with the positioning of an image in a pdf. Well, you can rotate the image if you feel the need. To rotate the image, you need to select the edit option. When you select the image, then you will be able to see the edit points of the image.

You can drag the picture from the edit points once you see the curved arrow.

Go for a pdf editor that offers all the mentioned features.

If you struggle in editing pdf images, then you can choose a variety of free photo editors as well.  You should conduct in-depth research. Shortlist the best photo editors. You should make it a point to check the features of the photo editor.

Compare the features to figure out if the photo editor meets your requirements.  Once you select the photo editor, you can try editing the photos using the editor. After using the editor, you will get a fair idea of whether you are comfortable using it at the end of the day.

When choosing free photo editors, go for the one that continuously introduces new features from time to time so that you can introduce the element of versatility in your pdf images.

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