9 Hidden Features of Mac Technology You Probably Don’t Know

Mac computers have changed our lives for the better. You can significantly benefit from Mac for your business or for simple daily tasks. No matter how long you have been using your Mac, there might be some features that you probably don’t know.

There are always some hidden features that can help you use your Mac with more productivity. This article will help you discover some secret features that can help you make more efficient use of your Mac.


Merge Your Folders:

You can merge the contents of two folders with a similar name. When you drag the folder into another one, a dialog box will show up with an option to replace the contents.

The tip that you need to use to allow the folders to merge is to use Option-Dragging the folder, followed by a dialog box that will enable you to merge the folder contents into one. This way, you can reduce extra folders and make it easy for you to locate your files.

Restore Scroll Bars:

Scroll bars are hidden by default in the Lion version. You can only make it visible when you start scrolling any page. Having the scroll bars on all the time makes it easy for the users. It is preferable to have the scroll bars on for every function.

You can go to the default setting to make the scroll bars visible. For this purpose, you have to go to the System Preferences in the settings, which lies in the General category. Then select Always when you click the Show Scroll Bars option.

Auto-Correction of Words:

Many people may not be aware of this great feature that allows you to correct or complete difficult words. You can get the spellings of difficult words correctly by using it. It is quite useful, especially when you are using applications like iChat or Text Edit.

To use this feature, press F5 or Option + Escape that activates this feature. When you start typing any word, it provides a list of spellings that begin with the initial letters you have typed.

Duplicate Open File:

Mac users may be aware that it is difficult to duplicate an open file on many of the applications. They usually do not have the option of Save As to copy an open file.

Using this feature, you can duplicate the files without opening the File menu. You can duplicate by clicking on the filename at the top. It shows many options, which also includes the Duplicate option.

Turn Your Notifications Off:

You can turn your notifications off with the use of a hidden feature. It is helpful when you are busy with your work and do not want to be disturbed.

You can do this by opening the Notification Centre and scroll down the side-loading bar. You will find a Do Not Disturb feature, and by turning it on, you can turn off the notifications that pop-ups from various applications. You can also choose the option to have it turned off for a specific period.

Create a New Desktop:

You can create a new desktop using the Mission Control feature. It is a new option that is available in the Lion version. You will see the A ‘+’ tab option when you search for Mission Control.

You can move a window to the new desktop by dropping them into the ‘+’ tab. This way, you can create a separate desktop by dragging and dropping windows into the tab.

Dynamic Wallpapers Feature:

Dynamic wallpapers are becoming a hot trend in Mac computers. These are a collection of images taken from the same spot over 24 hours. After creating your dynamic wallpaper, you can use an application to arrange them properly in a text file.

You can enable mac dynamic wallpaper by visiting the System Preferences option in the settings. Then locate your created wallpaper and set it as a Desktop Picture. The moving part of the dynamic wallpaper will be automatically activated.

Hot Corners:

You can make a hot corner for your Mac by changing the settings. Open your settings and go to System Preferences and click the Desktop and Screensavers option.

This feature allows you to disable the screensaver. It opens up a notification center and open applications that you have chosen. You can enable the hot corner by touching the corner of your screen.

Speech-to-Text Conversion:

You can convert your speech-to-text by pressing the function (Fn) twice. After pressing the button, you can start speaking.

Your voice will get converted to text if you press the function (Fn) button one more time. This feature works great when you are using Mac OS. It is excellent for business use when you are required to write many documents.

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