4 Reasons Why Podcast Networks Are a Great Marketing Tool

26% of Americans listen to podcasts monthly. This represents about 73 million people. Joining a podcast network provides the perfect opportunity to meet with clients and get noticed among competitors.

For industry leaders and experts, such networks provide in-depth, valuable information to a broader audience. As opposed to the short-form content such as blog posts and social media, podcast networks have a series of podcasts that help you to form a deeper relationship with the audience and reach out to new listeners.  Here’s why joining a podcast network is essential for your marketing campaign.

Helps You Master Subtle Branding

About 60% of consumers avoid brands that bombard them with marketing and advertising messages. By joining a network, you get to master the art of subtle branding. A corporate blog is one way to interact with your audience. However, creating great blogs involves lots of SEO challenges. That means usage of different tools e.g. rank tracking tools like Linkio, keywords optimizing tools and others.

Being part of a network helps you implement a more subtle branding approach. For instance, eBay worked together with Gimlet Creative to create a network, “Open for Business,” that strictly uses audio content for marketing purposes.

Creates a More Personalized Experience

Networks are a perfect marketing tool as your audience can hear your voice and understand your thinking pattern on your subject of discussion frequently. When people hear the person behind the ideas, it doesn’t just provide a personalized experience for them, but they get to know you on a deeper level.

With text, it’s easier for people to decipher your emotion, plus there’re elements such as sarcasm, tone, etc., that gets lost. Joining a podcast network helps you establish an emotional connection with your audience by frequently releasing podcasts whereby the network notifies them about the new releases.

Helps You Create Long-Form Content

In a world full of information, people tend to stick to short-form content. News articles, blog posts, and tweets are designed to provide the audience with short, in-depth information. While blog posts and social media are limited to a few hundred words, podcast helps you go even deeper into your content.

Statistics show that 3% of podcast networks’ listeners will pay attention to the beginning of a podcast, while 42% will listen to the end. This indicates that there’s an excellent opportunity to showcase your expertise in ways other mediums can’t accommodate. For businesses with a long sales cycle, a podcast network provides the perfect opportunity for them to make an informed buying decision.

Helps you Maintain and Build Important Network Connections

Just like guest posting, podcast networks feature different speakers who share their expertise, experience, and thoughts on a given topic. This helps you build a networking connection as they may end up inviting you to their show in return. It even exposes you to a different audience within your niche.

When evaluating whom you should have on your show, create a list of engaging, entertaining, and credible guests and reach out to as many as you can. Also, let them know why they’re a perfect fit, and let them be comfortable with you having a smaller audience.

Join a Podcast Network Today!

Companies are slowly implementing podcasts as a way to increase their sales. This influential marketing tool has turned out a novel-talk radio on devices such as tablets and smartphones. Why should you be left behind? Jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the numerous benefits associated with joining the network.

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