3 Ways to Improve Your Site’s Domain Authority

When it comes to building a strong web presence, domain authority is everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. As more and more companies are migrating their marketing efforts online, search engines have become relatively more stringent in terms of ranking sites that offer the same products or solutions.

Whether you’re running a small, local business or even a larger enterprise of more than a hundred employees, investing in improving your domain authority is essential to maintaining your competitiveness. You can always hire a link building agency like OutreachMama to help you with getting backlinks to your site and increase your domain authority x2. Here are some of the best ways you can do so.

  1. Create hyperlocal content

Content aims to inform. It’s basically the bread and butter of your sales funnel. Without content, potential customers won’t stay for too long within the sales cycle.

But when it comes to getting qualified traffic and raising your site’s domain authority in the process, you will need content that caters to a specific segment. When your content is highly targeted for, say, gamers in the city of Fresno, you should be able to publish blog articles that align with the interests of this specific market.

Now, how will this help you improve authority? Well, for starters, you will be able to attract qualified traffic, more of which can raise your brand’s online reputation. Then, there’s link building.

When other websites see anything valuable from the content you’re publishing, they will link their own content to yours. This obviously enhances your domain authority, allowing you to position your brand front and center.

  1. Take SEO seriously

Now, for many business startups (and a few established brands), search engine optimization or SEO has to be the most tedious part of maintaining a website, so much so that they forego keyword planning and on-page optimization.

No doubt, SEO is essential when it comes to improving your site’s domain authority because it simply makes your content more visible online, therefore to raising the site authority and rank in search engine it is suggested to take best seo services for your website. In fact, great content is useless if it is not optimized for Google’s stringent search algorithms. Just ask the top 50 firms at to get a good idea of how SEO is essential.

Usually, the best approaches to improving your SEO is through effective keyword planning for that you can also take the help of an SEO agency. Tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner and SpyFu can generate a good list of keywords you can consider in your content strategy. You will also need to provide your content with great meta-tags and descriptions. You will also need to make your content readable to give your site’s searchability a good boost.

  1. Optimize your web  design

As much as you want to focus on great content and even greater SEO, your site’s functionality and design can also weigh in on your domain authority. If it takes more than three seconds for your web pages to load, visitors will tend to bounce off. This raises your bounce rate and exit rate, from which your domain authority will suffer.

For this, opt for an intuitive site design, compress images, and limit the number of HTTP requests. These will make for a site that people will want to go back from time to time.   

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