15 Best CouchTuner Alternatives Working Now

While CouchTuner is a popular site for how it provides free television streaming, it is also difficult to access at times. It can be very busy, and it could also become blocked in various places. You might also struggle in finding quality streams that provide the best video resolution and audio layout while also staying online and active.

The good news is that there are many useful CouchTuner alternatives for you to take a look at now. These are all choices that provide great connections and plenty of access to the top sites for work now. You can enjoy all of these sites quite well, especially when you see how effective they are.

Key Notes

  • All of these CouchTuner alternatives have been confirmed to work as of January 2020.
  • It is strongly recommended that you use a VPN or virtual private network to get on one of these sites. A VPN prevents your information from being leaked online, not to mention it is a more effective setup.

A Closer Look At the Best CouchTuner Alternatives


Your first choice for a CouchTuner alternative is The site includes a full layout that features the most recent programs for download and the most popular items. You can also use different cloud tags to find information on what is on the site.

  • Sort through shows by each season
  • The guides provide details on what’s available now
  • Provides a thorough variety of programs

2. BMovies Cloud

You will appreciate how easy it is for you to find content on BMovies Cloud. With BMovies Cloud, you can search for movies and shows by entering in a name. The search results you will find on the site provide enough detail on what you can expect out of what BMovies Cloud has to offer.

  • Includes sections for individual genres
  • You can search for content based on IMDB reports
  • Includes international series from Korea and China

3. PopcornFlix

You’ll find an assortment of films to watch for free on PopcornFlix. The site provides a simple approach to loading content, plus you can use this to search for television shows. The design includes sections arranged by genre or audience, thus giving everyone something to look forward to when searching through the site.

  • Includes a convenient arrangement
  • No logins necessary
  • The streams are very consistent and never become interrupted or adjusted

4. TubiTV

The great part of using TubiTV is that all the streams and content you’ll find on the site are completely free. You can load high-definition content in moments. You can also find things and see descriptions among other points. The details on TubiTV ensure you’ll have an easier time finding all the content you might be interested in.

  • Includes support from various studios
  • You can use on many devices in your home
  • You can register for a free account, although it is not necessary for use

5. SolarMovies

Simplicity is important when finding things online. SolarMovies is a site that gives you a simple approach to finding content. You can use SolarMovies to find details on films and shows of all genres and formats. You can also register an account to like and favorite things and to save results, although that is not required. Your content will never be shared with other parties when you use the site as well, thus making it a more protective system for use.

  • Uses third-party providers for getting its content
  • Does not require your personal information for use
  • You can read descriptions of each bit of content on the site

6. Daily TV Fix

You will enjoy how easy it is to find new television programs on Daily TV Fix. The site includes shows from all corners of the world, including a few Asian programs. You can find the most recently uploaded or recommended content on the front page of the site, thus giving you more control over what you might be looking for.

  • Includes a forum for users
  • No personal data needed
  • The website provides a faster approach to loading

7. New Episodes

New Episodes provides you with precisely what the website’s name promises. You will get all the newest episodes of the hottest television shows from around the world on this site. You can find shows from both cable and over the air networks. You can also search for information on individual episodes for each of these shows, thus giving you a complete approach to finding things on the site.

  • Episodes are uploaded minutes after they air
  • You can search for information on episodes with other people
  • Find things based on a schedule or with an alphabetical arrangement

8. PutLocker

You can find content on PutLocker through various sections. You can use this site to find things based on genre, country, genre, movies and shows, and many other things of value. The helpful layout of PutLocker makes it a good choice for anyone interested in fine productions. The design that PutLocker uses is simple and effective, although you can also use the older design for the site if you prefer that option.

  • Easy to load
  • Includes a full news section highlighting the newest programs
  • The search engine takes moments to use

9. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher is different from other sites in that you can use MovieWatcher to find films currently playing in theaters. The most important part is that the streams you find are all of top-quality. You can get access to BluRay-quality streams for older films as well. You also have the choice to load content based on the keywords you might be interested in the most.

  • Search for content based on the year the film was released
  • See what is more popular through the search engine
  • A new section provides details on the latest things available for load

10. PrimeWire

You will love watching programs on PrimeWire. The site includes various new films and shows from various parts of the world. You can also use the personal schedule feature on PrimeWire to get information on when shows are to air and what you can get out of them. You can use this to ensure you can get access to the shows you want as they are made available on the site.

  • Includes various classic programs
  • You can interact with other users on the site
  • No personal info required for use

11. AZ Movies

The great part of using AZ Movies is that it is free to use. While the site looks as though it is a paid service AZ Movies is actually free for everyone to enjoy using. With this site, you can select individual choices for use and start using the setup to stream content in moments. You don’t need any other plugins for your web browser, as the site works with the programming that is already included in your browser. The compatibility of AZ Movies is a particularly useful feature to identify.

  • Includes content from around the world
  • Features ratings to help you find the best options
  • The search feature is easy to use

12. LunchFlix

The next option to look at is LunchFlix, a site that provides you with access to the latest films in theaters. These include both wide and small-release films alike. You can also get access to new shows, including many shows that are only available on select streaming platforms. The effective design of LunchFlix makes it a choice that is suitable for those who are looking for an interface similar to what CouchTuner already offers.

  • All streams are guaranteed to come with HD-quality video
  • Few advertisements
  • Does not collect your data

13. Vumoo

Vumoo loads very fast, not to mention it gives you plenty of categories for searching for content. You can use Vumoo to find content from movies to television shows. The site also includes points on adult films if you are interested in them.

  • Does not require a login for access
  • Includes news and old movies alike
  • The site is regularly updated with new content

14. Veoh

Veoh is growing throughout the world as a top choice for finding content when CouchTuner is unavailable. Veoh offers a good design where you can find videos, movies, and music alike. The site also has individual channels that give you details on specific things. The channels are arranged based on the type of show you can look for. The thorough results let you know what you will find on the site.

  • You do not have to sign in for the site
  • Loads up fast
  • Does not require any additional software for use

15. Cinema Café

You can consider the Cinema Café as the last of the choices to find when looking for attractive alternatives to CouchTuner. Cinema Café includes the latest movies playing in theaters right now. You can find points on what is available without having to pay extra.

  • Suitable for most uses
  • No logins necessary
  • Does not have as many advertisements as other sites


Each of these CouchTuner alternatives is good to note. You can use these CouchTuner options for when you’re aiming to find content that stands out and is free to use. You’ll have to be sure you can find great programs that are entertaining and provides a great way of finding what is available.

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